OpiatesOpiates are the drugs that alter the mind of a person. Opiate drugs are derived from the opium poppy plant that has gone from use to cure pain medically to a street drug that is killing thousands of people daily due to overdose, drug abuse, and simply the effects that come from opiates.  These drugs include heroin, oxycodone, morphine, and hydrocodone. 

Drug Mules Are Often Used To Smuggle Opiates Into The United States

Opiates tend to make a person feel as if they have no pain at all, but also as if they are in a very relaxed state of mind with the feeling of constant happiness.  The effects can go from the good feeling you get, to the feeling of pain throughout the body, weakness, memory loss, and death in just a matter of minutes.  These drugs are usually shipped from other countries into America through many drug mules. A drug mule is a person that hides the drugs inside their bodies so that they can either get money, freedom into America, or because they have no other choice but to smuggle the drugs into America.  Many people that become drug mules die because either the bags they swallowed full of heroin, etc burst inside their stomach and they overdose, or the drugs leak through the bags and get into their system, also causing them to overdose. 

Break The Addiction Of Opiates, Seek Addiction Treatment.

Opiates have become a very popular drug for drug addicts across America and people have to get addiction treatment on a daily basis because of their addiction to opiates.   The lasting effects that the opiate drugs put in a person will ultimately kill them through a very painful process.  Opiates are the ultimate drug to make a person’s life completely spiral out of control after just one use.

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